Total Hip Replacement Surgery Procedure in India

Total Hip Replacement Surgery in IndiaWhat is Total Hip Replacement procedure?

A total hip replacement procedure is used when all other options for treatment of a degenerated hip joint are unsuccessful in relieving its symptoms and restoring movement. A hip may get adversely affected by arthritisfracture to the bone or any deteriorating medical condition that affects the patient’s bone, joint or the cartilage that surrounds and supports the joint.

The surgical procedure for total hip replacement starts with the doctor administering general anesthesia to you.

There are various types of implants with varying shapes and materials that are used in replacing the damaged hip joint components. They all have two common parts – the ball component (made of strong metal or ceramic and highly polished for smooth movements) and the socket component (medical-grade cup-like part made from metal, ceramic or plastic that usually has a soft outer shell).

These implant components are usually ‘pressed’ into the joint bones (femoral head and the acetabulum) that allows the bone to grow around these implants and incorporate them into the natural bone or they may be fitted into place using an adhesive (surgical cement). The type of component to be used will be decided by your doctor depending on the strength and quality of your bone.

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Who needs Total Hip Replacement surgery?

Initially, your doctor and the orthopedic surgeon will advise if a total hip replacement surgery is suitable for you. The doctor will consider certain factors such as the extent of pain and disability due to the hip condition. Age is not a restriction for undergoing a total hip replacement surgery.


There are several factors that will help the doctor and the orthopedic surgeons to determine if you are an ideal candidate for total hip replacement surgery, such as:

  • Extent of pain in the hip limits daily activities such as bending from the hip and walking
  • Continuous hip pain that persists in the day as well as at night while resting
  • Stiff hip prevents the ability to lift or move the leg
  • Non-surgical treatment methods such as braces, physical therapy and anti-inflammatory drugs are not successful in providing relief from the painful and restrictive symptoms

Are all Hip implants same?

There are different kinds of hip implants available today. Although their composing material or shape might differ from one another they all aim to provide a new surface to the bone ends of the hip joint and to restore movement in the damaged hip.

How long does it take for a Total Hip Replacement surgery?

The surgery for total hip replacement is a slightly complex procedure and may take around 4-6 hours. The orthopedic surgeon will require removing the damaged portion of the bones consisting the hip joint (femoral head and acetabulum) and fit the ceramic, plastic or metal implant and restore and align them perfectly before stitching the incision closed.

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