Totally Endoscopic Coronary Artery Bypass (TECAB) Surgery

Totally Endoscopic Coronary Artery Bypass is also known as TECAB surgery. It is a closed-chest robotic approach which speeds up recovery after CABG procedure. TECAB surgery is a breakthrough approach which is utilized for performing coronary bypass surgery. This is a completely closed-chest coronary procedure which spares the sternum (breastbone) & provides numerous benefits. All of these are achieved through tiny fingertip-sized slits alongside fast recovery to lesser risk of complications. CABG surgery in India is widely available & TECAB procedure is performed at specialty hospital facilities by highly skilled cardiac surgeons in endoscopic coronary artery bypass procedures.

What is TECAB & How is it Performed?

The Da Vinci Robot

Goal of TECAB surgery is the same as any coronary bypass surgery procedure, which is meant to improve flow of blood to heart & for alleviation of chest pain. However, the main difference between traditional CABG procedures & TECAB is that TECAB is performed through 4 – 5 finger-tip sized tiny slits instead of the long incision which is made use of by slitting the breastbone in the traditional operation. The da Vinci robot, which is a highly sophisticated tool enabling the cardiac surgeon perform this procedure with great control & precision is utilized instead of the traditional hands-on surgery. Robotic arms involved in this type of CABG surgery are very agile & work as extension of the cardiac surgeon’s hands. Moreover, there is a tiny camera attached to the robotic arm which gives the cardiac surgeon a detailed 3D view of the operating space within the chest. Typically performed on a beating heart, there is no involvement of the heart-lung bypass machine during the TECAB procedure. Moreover, internal mammary artery grafts are most commonly used & rarely harvested from other areas of the body, like from the arm or the leg. Cardiac surgeons during TECAB surgery generally use two internal mammary arteries for bypass grafts as these are among the cleanest & most durable blood vessels inside the body. Mammary arteries of even an average 80 year old individual are normally free of plaque. Da Vinci robot makes it extremely safe & easy for the cardiac surgeon to harvest these graft vessels. Since breastbone or sternum is not split during TECAB surgery, cardiac surgeons are not concerned that mammary arteries are put to new use as blood circulation is effectively maintained within the thoracic cavity.

Hybrid TECAB Surgery

Nevertheless, there are some heart patients for whom the best option requires both surgical & interventional cardiac procedures so as to improve blood flow to the heart. This type of approach is generally known as hybrid TECAB procedure. Hybrid TECAB generally involves bypassing blocked arteries using TECAB & then opening other blocked heart blood vessels through angioplasty & which may often include stent placement in order to prop open heart arteries which are blocked. This additional procedure is usually performed by interventional cardiologists who may perform angioplasty along with at the same time as the TECAB surgery or after the procedure. Hybrid TECAB surgery is quite often reserved for patients with blockages located under the heart & which are more difficult to access through robotic intervention.

Benefits of TECAB Surgery

TECAB or totally endoscopic coronary artery bypass surgery offers several benefits for heart patients when compared to the traditional open-heart bypass surgery. Advantages of TECAB surgery include the following.

Benefits of TECAB Surgery
  • Faster Recovery – Most TECAB patients are back to work & other activities within a week as compared to 4 – 8 weeks with the traditional open-chest bypass procedure.
  • No Splitting Breastbone – Keeping the sternum intact speeds recovery while lessening chances of post-surgical infection or complications.
  • Quicker Resolution of Pain – Tylenol or aspirin are more than enough for controlling pain for many TECAB surgery patients after their discharge from hospital.
  • Shorter Stay at Hospital – TECAB surgery patients typically stay for 1 – 3 days at the hospital against 5 – 7 days stay for open heart surgery procedures.
  • Operation on Beating Heart Procedure – Beating heart operations reduce risk for a number of complications.
  • Elimination of Heart-Lung Bypass Machine – Avoiding the heart-lung bypass machine decreases risk for stroke & neurological complications.
  • Minimum Loss of Blood & Lesser Need for Blood Transfusion – Because TECAB surgery is performed on a beating heart & avoids splitting the breastbone, there is minimum loss of blood during the operation & requires less need for blood transfusions.
  • Internal Mammary Artery Grafts – Mammary blood vessel grafts are superior to vein grafts from other parts of the body because they can effectively withstand blood pressure over time & are less likely to develop further blockages 7 which will therefore reduce the need for re-operation.
  • Minimal Scarring – TECAB surgery results in only 4 – 5 tiny scars, whereas open heart surgery leaves behind a long scar in the chest.

TECAB surgery is an ideal option for people of all ages who require CABG procedure. TECAB surgery avoids complications for the aged who are having weakened bones due to osteoporosis. However, like it is with all types of surgical interventions, hospital stays & recovery time following TECAB surgery also vary depending upon the overall health of the patient & any other associated risk factors.

Undergo Affordable CABG Surgery in India

CABG surgery in India including TECAB procedure is far more economical than they are in any other part of the world. It is not just the coronary artery bypass grafting cost which is alluring for the international patient seeking affordable healthcare solutions beyond their homeland, but since TECAB surgery is a highly advanced robotic heart operation which is only available in a chosen few countries. India happens to be one of them & TECAB surgery using da Vinci robot is performed by expert cardiac surgeons at the Asian Heart Institute in Mumbai, India. Moreover, there are several other internationally accredited specialty & multispecialty hospital facilities in the country which are providing excellent low cost CABG procedures.


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