Travcure tie-up with Max Healthcare Hospital – Largest Group of Hospitals in India

7 May 2016 - Travcure, India’s largest medical tourism service provider, and Max Hospitals, the largest Group of Hospitals in India, have announced their decision to join forces in order to provide efficient, advanced and affordable world-class healthcare and treatment to every patient in India. This tie-up between Travcure and Max Hospitals is being deemed as the next big thing in revolutionizing the Indian healthcare infrastructure by putting it prominently on the global healthcare map as a choice destination for receiving modern, yet budget-friendly, healthcare at the most advanced healthcare facilities. Max Hospitals are a part of the Max Group of Hospitals, the largest group of hospitals in India and covers the whole of northern India with various high-end healthcare hospitals spread throughout the Delhi-NCR and the northern Indian region. Founded in 1985 in Delhi, the Max Group of Hospitals has now more than 6 multi and super specialty tertiary care healthcare facilities in locations such as Delhi, Noida, Bathinda and Gurgaon. These are all comprehensive and advanced healthcare centers that are equipped with the latest technological advances in medical and surgical technology with state-of-the-art medical and surgical equipments and instruments. These healthcare facilities are managed by the most experienced and well-trained medical professionals, specialists, doctors, surgeons, nurses and other supporting staff that ensures that the patient gets the best and most attentive care at the hospital. These medical professionals are regularly trained in ethical and medical trends for improving the quality of healthcare services provided at Max Healthcare even further. Every member of staff at Max Hospitals is dedicated to providing the best, most comfortable and convenient treatment to every single patient it serves. The Max Hospitals are truly efficient and advanced and the various prestigious certifications and accolades it receives are proof of it. The Max Healthcare Group received NABH and NABL certification for its expansive and modern laboratories and blood banks that are dedicated towards research and development of innovative treatments and preventive measures for the vast number of dangerous disorders and diseases.  The Max Group of Hospitals is also the recipient of a number of the Express Healthcare Awards for Excellence in Healthcare. The Group has also been bestowed with the D L Shah National Award by the Quality Council of India (QCI) for ‘Economics of Quality’. The Max Group of Hospitals maintains several world-class healthcare facilities over the northern India region. These are all multi/super specialty tertiary/secondary care hospitals and healthcare centers with dedicated departments for various medical specialties. The Max Super Specialty Hospital at Saket is the initial foray by the group into the healthcare sector with full force. It is one of the leading multi-specialty tertiary care hospitals of northern India. This is a beautifully designed facility located conveniently in the southern Delhi locality. It offers various world-class specialties such as a dedicated dialysis unit that conforms to international standards. This hospital also has specialty department dedicated to women’s health (cardiac), headache clinic, movement clinic, etc for providing advanced and effective healthcare to all patients. Max Super Specialty Hospital at Patparganj is also one of the most advanced and world-class standard healthcare facilities by Max Healthcare. This is an NABH certified super specialty healthcare facility. This hospital has dedicated centers for pain management, pacemaker implanting, diabetic care and headache management. This is a comprehensive healthcare center that also offers a wide range of other necessary amenities such as an ATM, round-the-clock fully-stocked pharmacy and drugstore as well as a clean and vast cafeteria for the patient’s loved ones. The Max Super Specialty Hospital at Mohali is an expansive 200-bed super-specialty hospital. It has specialty departments for managing all cases that can be handled by clinical gynecology, heart (cardiac), minimal access surgery (MAS) as well as other high-risk surgeries. The Max Super Specialty Hospital at Dehradun is set amidst beautiful landscaped gardens and surrounded by the hills and mountains of the town. This is an international-standard super-specialty healthcare center with the most advanced diagnostic and treatment units. The Max Multi Specialty Hospital at Greater Noida is a 100-bed comprehensive multi-specialty hospital that offers the best-in-class treatment and healthcare for a large number of common and rare medical conditions and diseases using the most advanced medical and surgical technology available today. The Max Healthcare Hospitals have specialized departments that are responsible for managing all aspects of a condition, disease or disorder that affect a particular part of the body. These Centers of Excellence are specialty departments in the hospital equipped with the most modern and advanced medical and surgical technology to ensure global-standards of quality is maintained while providing healthcare and treatment to the patients. The Max Group of Hospitals have dedicated Centers of Excellence for Bariatric/Weight Loss, Cardiac Sciences, Minimal Access Surgery (MAS), Neurosciences, Oncology (Cancer Care), Orthopedics, Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgery, Audiology and Speech Therapy, Dental Care, Dermatology, ENT, Eye Care, Gastroenterology, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, IVF, Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences, Nephrology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Pulmonology, Urology, etc. that are managed by India’s top medical professionals and specialists for effective and higher success in treatments and surgeries. Travcure is known for providing the best, most effective and affordable medical and surgical treatment for a wide range of medical conditions, disorders and diseases in India. Max Hospitals and Travcure have announced their decision to join hands in providing the best, most efficient and highly-affordable treatment in India at the most advanced and comprehensive medical and healthcare facilities of Max Hospitals.
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