Travcure Tie-Ups With Rockland Hospitals – The Largest Group Of Hospitals In India

27 April 2016 Travcure Medical Tourism and Rockland Hospitals, the largest group of hospitals in India, are proud to announce their decision to join forces for the mutual aim of improving the complete healthcare infrastructure of India through allowing access to global-class quality medical and surgical treatment to every patient at the most affordable cost so as to make access to quality healthcare to the common man a reality. These two giants in the healthcare segment of India have set a common goal of improving the standards, as well as advancing the research into more, efficient and effective medical and surgical technology. Rockland Hospitals is a third part of the Rockland Group of Hospitals, India’s largest and most leading group of hospitals. The group manages 3 facilities in northern India – Manesar, Qutab and Dwarka in New Delhi. Rockland is well-known for being the leading provider of advanced and effective medical treatments, at the hands of the country’s most experienced and well-trained medical professionals and specialists, using the latest and most efficient medical and surgical technology available today. The Rockland Group of Hospitals seamless and integrated healthcare services across all specialty departments in medicinal and surgical science. The hospitals provide a wide spectrum of inpatient and out-patient procedures that cover every aspect of the treatment process which includes medical, surgical and rehabilitation services. Services, such as complete emergency services, day procedures, assessment tests and diagnostic as well as therapeutic services are provided as out-patient procedures. Rockland Hospitals are complete tertiary care super-specialty healthcare facilities equipped with the latest and most modern medical and surgical equipments and technology that ensure more efficiency and convenience in performing a large number of complicated treatment procedures with ease, precision and safely. These hospitals are multi-specialty health facilities with dedicated Centers of Excellence for numerous departments of medical or surgical specialty. The Rockland Hospitals Centers of Excellence are well-equipped in managing the variety of diseases and disorders that are included under the specific specialty department, such as the Center of Excellence for Bariatric Surgery that includes all kinds of weight-loss-assisting surgeries including sleeve gastrectomy, biliopancreatic diversion surgery, gastric bypass surgery. This department is responsible for managing those cases of excessive obesity that have not been addressed using other non-surgical methods that help to lose weight. The Center of Excellence for Cardiac Science (Cardiology) is one of the most well-equipped and accomplished heart care specialty departments at Rockland Hospitals. This department is responsible for diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitative care for any kind of heart disease or disorders including birth (congenital) heart defects, heart failure emergency treatment, coronary artery disease, electrophysiology, etc using the latest and ultra-modern equipments and technology to ensure efficiency and higher success rate. The country’s leading cardiologist, pediatric specialists and other heart specialists are an integral part of this department. The Rockland Hospitals Center of Excellence for Gastroenterology is dedicated to providing global-standards of healthcare services to every patient with a disorder or disease of the digestive system. This department is well-equipped with the latest in diagnostic and surgical technology to efficiently and successfully perform a large number of simple and complex treatment procedures for various gastroenterological problems of the gastroenterological tract including the organs that make the complete digestive system such as the anus, the alimentary canal, etc. This department offers advanced treatment for diseases of the liver, biliary tree and the pancreas along with other gastro-intestinal diseases including cancer. The Rockland Hospitals Center of Excellence for General and Laparoscopic Surgery is the country’s leading specialty surgical department equipped with the most innovative and modern equipments and instruments that allow the well-trained and extremely-experienced surgeons perform a large variety of complex surgical procedures using the most efficient and convenient surgical techniques available today. This department boasts of the most modern and innovative minimally invasive surgery (MAS) techniques to allow for painless and more advantageous surgical procedures. The Rockland Hospitals Center of Excellence for Neuro-Sciences is the super-specialty department that deals with every aspect of preventing, diagnosing, treating and rehabilitating of diseases and disorders that affect a person’s brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves. This department is well-equipped to manage all kinds of neurological disorders and problems such as benign or malignant brain tumors, inter-cranial bleeding caused by hypertension, rupture of brain aneurysm, hydrocephalus (enlargement of fluid compartment in brain due to accumulation of fluid), Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy as well as the numerous congenital (birth) brain defects. The Rockland Hospitals Center of Excellence for Orthopedics and Joint Replacement is one of the leaders in the country for providing complete and efficient treatment for all types of orthopedic (bone and joint) disorders as well as performing extremely-successful major joint replacement surgeries using the most efficient and innovative surgical methods. The joint replacement surgeries involve using the least-invasive surgical method to remove the damaged joint and replace it with the most effective orthopedic joint prosthetic implant. This department is responsible for performing advanced diagnosis, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of disorders that are seen affecting the nervous system. It uses the most advanced minimally invasive surgical method (arthroscopy) for accurate diagnosis and proper treatment of the various joint disorders. This department is also well-equipped to handle the various sports-related injuries, such as concussions, muscle cramps, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) sprain, ankle sprain, shin splints, etc. It is also responsible for managing all kinds of complex reconstructive procedures such as hand reconstruction required after an injury or burn trauma and bone tumor surgery as well. Rockland Hospitals is recognized widely as being the most advance-equipped and efficient healthcare provider in India. Travcure, the largest and leading provider of medical tourism services in India, is best-known for providing the most efficient, convenient and affordable treatment packages for a large variety of medical disorders and diseases at the most advanced and high-standard hospitals and other healthcare facilities in India. The tie-up between Travcure Medical Tourism and Rockland Group of Hospitals spells an era of ease of availability for getting the best and most advanced treatment in India at the most affordable prices.
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