Travcure ties-up with Wockhardt Hospitals

3rd June, 2016 Wockhardt Group of Hospitals is the 5th largest and one of the leading healthcare facilities in India. The Wockhardt Hospitals, located in more than 9 different locations across the western India region, are finest examples of state-of-the-art medical and surgical technology combined with the expertise of India’s most experienced doctors and extensively-trained specialists who can manage all types of medical disorders and emergencies with efficiency and ease. Travcure is one of the largest providers of medical tourism services in India and, hence, it was inevitable to join forces with the country’s largest and most wide-spread healthcare service provider. This was arranged with the singular aim to provide global-level quality treatment and healthcare, importantly at an affordable cost to all and every one. These two entities share the common vision that advanced and effective medical and surgical treatment is available to common people by following an economical and patient-centric approach for management of treatment cost as well as ensuring that each patient gets the best of the best regarding general health care. Travcure is also the leader in providing quality healthcare to every individual at the most affordable cost. Travcure has been selflessly working in this manner since a long time and this social awareness has ended up making it the chosen medical tourism service by the thousands of patients from abroad who choose Travcure for their trip to India in a year. Travcure has a long association with Wockhardt Group of Hospitals and regularly arranges for a large number of foreign and Indian patients to get efficient and convenient treatment for their medical problems at Wockhardt Hospitals in Mumbai, Nagpur, Surat, Rajkot, Goa, etc. Every single Wockhardt Hospital is an international-standard medical facility which has numerous multi-specialty departments and an extensively-trained staff to manage the healthcare centers efficiently. These excellent services make Wockhardt Hospitals the first choice of Travcure, as well as thousands of happy and satisfied patients, for choosing to get their treatment here. Wockhardt Group of Hospitals has been ceaseless in its efforts to improve and revolutionize the medical and healthcare infrastructure of the country since more than 40 years after its establishment. The first hospital was the First Hospitals and Heart Institute which was opened in Mumbai in 1973 soon becoming the top corporate healthcare facility in the region. It soon grew to cover the entire western India region with exclusive healthcare facilities at 9 different locations, including 3 in Mumbai, 2 in Nagpur and one each in Goa, Surat, Rajkot and Nasik. This proved to be a boon for the western India’s healthcare infrastructure. The hospitals are NABH-certified as the highest of hygiene and quality in services is maintained at these comprehensive healthcare centers. Wockhardt is partnered with various other medical-peripheral organizations and healthcare services to expand its reach to include more patients from even the most remote parts of the world. Wockhardt Hospitals and Travcure share a common vision of social-awareness that believes in making initiatives to eliminate all forms of socio-economic barriers that create an obstacle between a common person and the latest and modern medical and surgical treatment along with quality healthcare in India. The Wockhardt Group of Hospitals and Travcure have partnered in order to strive ahead together on the path of providing the best and most efficient healthcare and treatment to every patient at the lowest and most affordable cost possible. The experienced team of expert and extensively-trained medical professionals at Wockhardt Hospitals work in perfect coordination with the team of expert consultants at Travcure thus ensuring that every and every individual patient is offered a bespoke treatment package that is most affordable and maintains the high-quality of the treatment in every way possible. This initiative by Travcure and Wockhardt Hospitals has ensured that almost a million people are given a chance to choose to get their medical and surgical treatments in India at Wockhardt Hospitals with the assistance of Travcure.
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