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You need to take certain measures before a Medical Travel

Here are some important travel guidelines

Contact Details

Ensure to have all the contact details of your coordinator in India.

Doctor's Advice

Always follow your doctor’s advice in stopping or starting of medication before or after the surgery.

Blood Thinners

Stop taking any blood thinners such as aspirin or warfarin medication 7-10 days before your arrival.

Special Diet

Please start the special diet if any, advised or mentioned by medical team 7-10 days before your arrival.

Birth Control Pills

Stop taking any oral contraceptive pills or birth control pills 20 days before your arrival.

Alcohol & Tobacco

Stop alcohol and tobacco consumption 2 weeks before your surgery or arrival.

Mineral Water

It is advisable to use and consume only sealed bottled mineral water.


Keep your passport safe with you or trusted relatives,while travelling.

Medical Reports

It is mandatory to collect discharge summary and all your pre & post medical reports before leaving the hospital.

Post Op Plans

Share details of post-op travel plans (if any), for proper follow ups and medical care.

Notify Before Discharge

Give us 24hr prior notification before you leave hospital premises so as to arrange hassle free logistics and local accommodation for you.


You should stay at safe, clean and hygienic hotel.


Always carry a mosquito repellent cream with you or make sure that your hotel is mosquito –free or provides mosquito nets.

Keep Distance!

Stay away and do not talk to strangers, do not accept any offered food or drinks.

Unhygenic Food

Do not consume food or drinks in unhygienic restaurants.

Raw Food

Please avoid underdone or raw food esp. poultry, fish or meat.

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