Types and Treatment Options for Germ Cell Tumors

Mainly found in the ovaries and testicles, germ cells are cells which eventually develop into eggs and sperms. Sometimes germ cells are also found to be left behind in some other parts of the body. Most often, germ cell tumor develop within ovaries or testicles since this is basically the place where they are normally located. However, in some cases, germ cell tumors also develop in other parts of the body as well.

Types of Germ Cell TumorsTypes of Germ Cell Tumors

Testicular Germ Cell Tumors – Teratomas or seminomas are the most common germ cell tumor found in testicles of men. Moreover, almost 95 percent of testicular cancers begin in germ cells which are specialized for making sperms. While these germ cell tumor typically begin in testicles, they have occasionally been found to arise in abdomen and chest or in other parts of the body as well. Of the two, seminomas which make up for about 50 percent of testicular germ cell tumor tend to grow very slowly. Seminomas are therefore detected in early stages and most often cured. They are also less likely to metastasize to other parts of the body. Nonseminomas are however more aggressive and most likely to spread to other parts of the body as well.
Ovarian Germ Cell Tumors – Women can also develop ovarian germ cell tumor, although most of these are noncancerous. Only about 1 or 2 percent of ovarian germ cell tumors are found to be cancerous. Moreover, most ovarian germ cell tumors occur in teenagers and young women while some women between 60 to 70 years of age also have them. Ovarian teratoma is another type of ovarian germ cell tumor.
Other Germ Cell Tumors – These are cancers which develop from germ cells but found in other parts of the body. Though they are rare, some germ cell tumor are found to begin in the brain. Germ cell tumors found at the back of abdomen are known as retroperitoneal cancer. Some germ cell tumor also grow in part of the chest area between the lungs known as mediastinum and are known as mediastinal germ cell tumor. Germ cell tumor which develop outside of testicles and ovaries are broadly known as extragonadal germ cell tumor.

Cancer Treatment Options for Germ Cell Tumors

Surgery is usually employed for removal of germ cell tumor. Most often, this may also be the only cancer treatment required for germ cell tumors in case they are small and easily removable. Chemotherapy can follow surgery as cancer treatment when there is a chance of cancer returning. Moreover, germ cell tumors respond very well to chemotherapy and most people are found to benefit from this treatment. Alongside this, chemotherapy is also very useful as a cancer treatment for malignancies which have moved beyond the primary site.

Affordable Cancer Treatment in India for Germ Cell Tumors

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