Affordable VP-Shunt Treatment for Hydrocephalus

Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is a fluid which covers and protects brain as well as spinal cord of an individual. Hydrocephalus is a health condition that causes accumulation of the excessive amount of CSF or cerebrospinal fluid in patient’s brain. This neurological condition can result in various life-threatening problems. It may create pressure on nerves and structures of brain over a prolonged period of time. Therefore, patients must seek an appropriate healthcare solution to prevent any serious damage to brain.

Signs and Symptoms of Hydrocephalus

Hydrocephalus can affect anyone from a kid to old person. It can be present at the time of birth, or it may develop as one grows. However, its causes are still a topic of research. The following list gives some major symptoms of hydrocephalus.

  • Severe Headache – Patients may experience frequent episodes of headaches. The fluid may build up pressure and eventually result in headaches.
  • Blurred Vision – This neurological condition can considerably affect eyesight of patients. It may lead to eyesight problems like blurred visions.
  • Walking Difficulty – In some instances, patients might encounter walking difficulties due to an underlying condition of hydrocephalus.

VP-Shunt Treatment for Hydrocephalus

Affordable VP-shunt Treatment for Hydrocephalus

Ventriculoperitoneal shunt (VP shunt) is a specialized medical instrument that can help in managing pressure created by CSF in brain area. Neurosurgeons may order a surgery known as VP shunting surgery to patients with a serious hydrocephalus condition. This procedure involves implanting a VP shunt machine which is interconnected with two catheters and placed behind patient’s ear. Surgeons guide two catheters, one to brain and another to abdominal area mostly through neck of patients. This machine is capable of sensing pressure on brain due to accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid. It automatically gets activated and collects CSF from one catheter placed in brain and throws it out towards another catheter in belly area.

Key Advantages of Undergoing Hydrocephalus Treatment in India

India has emerged as a popular neuro care destination across the world. This country has a wide network of well-trained surgeons who are capable of performing most difficult neurosurgery and treatments like hydrocephalus surgery. They ensure patients good health by following international norms. In addition to this, high-quality neurosurgery cost in India is extremely affordable. To be precise, hydrocephalus treatment cost in India is nearly a fraction of total amount which developed nations ordinarily charge. Therefore, global patients looking for finest treatments can count on hydrocephalus treatment in India.

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