Craniotomy Surgery in India: Why and When It Is Required?


A craniotomy is a type of surgical procedure that involves removing a part of the skull bone to expose the brain for the surgeon. This is one of the most critical kinds of surgical procedure and requires utmost precision as well as vast expertise on the neurosurgeon’s part.

A craniotomy is useful in removing performing a biopsy (cutting a small piece of the tumor for pathological studies) as well as an excision (complete removal).

How is a Craniotomy for Excision of Tumor performed?

A craniotomy is a critical and precise surgery hence nowadays neurosurgeons avoid performing this surgical procedure using the earlier conventional method of surgery. The conventional type of surgery for the excision of a tumor from the brain is cumbersome and time-consuming in the least.

Today, with the advances made in neurosurgical technology the neurosurgeons are using the latest, advanced and more precise and safe surgical methods in performing excision of the tumor from the brain using a craniotomy method of surgery.

The most advanced and reliable craniotomy method is known as the ‘stereotactic craniotomy’. This method uses computerized navigational assistance techniques known as ‘stereotaxy’. This technique not only significantly improves the accuracy of the procedure but also decreases the required incision’s size and increases the safety of surgery by avoiding disturbance to the important and delicate parts of the brain.

Stereotaxy works by giving a detailed ‘real time’ image of the patient’s brain as shown in a CT scan or an MRI scan in the operating theatre.

There are two different types of stereotaxy techniques:

Frame-Based Stereotaxy

This type of stereotaxy uses a special frame fixed to the patient’s skull which performs real-time brain scans and displays all vital information to the surgeon. This is an accurate system but has certain disadvantages such as being a little inconvenient, extra time required to fit the frame to perform scans, certain areas of the skull are restricted for the frame to access. However, due to its accuracy, some neurosurgeons will decide to use the frame-based stereotaxy technique for a craniotomy as well as for a biopsy of the tumor of the brain.

rameless Stereotaxy

This method of stereotaxy uses markers (known as ‘fiducials’) which are put on the patient’s head before performing a scan. Some neurosurgeon will simply use the eyes, ears and nose as reference marks at times. The latest technological advances have made even the use of fiducials and anatomical landmarks redundant. The frameless stereotaxy method is however slightly less accurate than a frame-based stereotaxy but is advantageous in other factors.

Why a Craniotomy for Excision of Tumor is performed?

A tumor craniotomy has the following aims:
  • Diagnosis – A tumor craniotomy is useful in performing a biopsy of the tumor through a ‘burr hole’ (small hole) where there is no need to remove a big flap of the skull bone.
  • Intracranial pressure – This is useful in reducing pressure on the brain being caused by the tumor as well as to drain a cyst fluid to release the pressure from it on the brain.
  • Prevention – Craniotomy is also useful in preventing future complications (such as hemorrhage or tumor growth) from developing.
  • Benign tumors – A craniotomy is useful in removing benign tumors.’
  • Malignant tumors – This surgery also helps in removing fatal tumor growth.

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