Organ Transplant Is Our Last Resort

Organ transplantation have gradually alleviated in the last two decades providing excellent results in children & young adults. Organ transplant programs have been steadily growing but are still far from global needs, with great differences among countries. It is now possible that one can come to rescue of a person’s life or significantly improve health & quality of life by organ transplant programs.

Organ Transplant in Modern Medicine

Organ Transplant is one of the most complex areas of modern medicine. Key areas for medical management are problems of transplant rejection, during which body has an immune response to the transplanted organ, possibly leading to transplant failure & the need to immediately remove the organ from the recipient.

Organs Eligible for Transplant

 It is also possible to transplant more than one organ at a time.


 Why will you need a transplant?

Damaged or diseased stem cells can make too few blood cells, too few immune cells, or too many abnormal cells. A stem cell transplant may help correct these problems. A heart transplant may be done if you have severe heart failure. In a serious condition, where there are no chances left to improve things or control your symptoms, a heart transplant is what you need. When your kidneys fail to remove waste products from blood, a condition known as uraemia develops. Once this occurs, the work of your kidneys must be done by dialysis (an artificial means of filtering the blood). One can return to their lifestyles by substituting dialysis by Transplant. You may have to go for a pancreas transplant if you have Type I diabetes that is difficult to control.

New Transplant Technique Advances

Organ TransplantNew techniques are enabling a patient’s lung keep breathing for up to a day outside the body. Doctors are accosting it as a success that could see the number of transplants in a year double & allow them to save hundreds more lives. Prior to this advancement, donor organs have had to be placed in a refrigerated box & stored in ice to keep them working as new as they were being ferried to & from hospitals. But that only allowed organs to live for six hours. But new technologies now can also improve conditions of organs facilitating the best advantages from transplants without any risks.

Myths Concerning Organ Donation

Several myths cross each donor’s mind which keeps them from donating. Each person’s medical condition is evaluated at the time of death to determine what organs & tissues can be utilized. People living with chronic diseases or those who have a history of cancer or other serious diseases are still encouraged to join the donor registry.

Demand is Far Greater Than Supply

More than 121,000 people in the U.S. are on waiting list for organ transplants . Yet another new person is added to the organ waiting list every 11 minutes. In the United States alone, 18 people die every day while waiting for an organ transplant. People from black, Asian & ethnic minority communities are more likely to develop health conditions that can lead to kidney failure. Moreover, they will have to wait a year longer for kidney transplant than a white patient on an average. Organ Transplants are the most required medical practice to cease all difficulties &allow us relive a healthy life.

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